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  Economics and Finance Personal Statement

  Having a flair for Economics and accounting I have decided that I want a degree in Accounting and Finance or Management. The many brilliant representatives of the management community around the world have strengthened that resolve.

  When I worked in my school as a tutor of English as a Second Language for students from a community school in Muscat, I realized the importance of a strong leader who could organize, command respect, and be able to work well with others. These ideas were further enforced by my month long internship at Novartis Pharmaceutical (Accounts and Finance Department and Human Resources Department).

  I attended the Harvard Model Congress in Paris and won the Award of Distinction. One skill in particular that contributed to this award was my confident public speaking.

  The last 4 months have been crucial in my learning of real world business and economics. For my IB Extended Essay, titled “To What Extent Does Subway in Oman Operate as an Oligopoly”, I set out to prove the oligpolistic structure of the fast food market in Oman. In this effort, I have come across many real life complexities in pricing behaviour, profit making and other aspects of the Theory of the Firm. While attempting to explain these alternate theories of firms I have developed a keen interest in analyzing and understanding how the world of business works.

  After an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance or management I plan to go onto post graduate studies and work on an MBA. A strong performance in a BA will allow me to move onto an MBA and only then shall I be satisfied.

  For the last four years I have been part of our schools volleyball team ICE. We have retained our ISAC (Inter Schools Activities Conference, Middle East) title for four years. Playing in the power hitters (spiker) position requires immense physical fitness and to accomplish that I regularly go to the gym for fitness training. I am also part of my school track and field team. Being the fastest sprinter in the school since 11th grade the 100m, 200m and 400m races are my specialty even though I still pursue long distance running. In my spare time I explore and master the computer as I am conversant with a Visual Basic Programming course. It is imperative for me to have the latest hardware and software and I make it a point to install everything myself. I also learn Urdu as it is my native tongue and a link to my culture, to maintain that is crucial.

  Living in a diverse international community of over 52 nationalities has allowed to me recognize and appreciate different cultures. With the experience I have and the strong motivation to craft a bright future I feel I can justify my decision to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance or Management.



  In my opinion, the Financial Engineering is a kind of creative technology to the Financial Instruments, Financial Means and system. It used to balance the benefits and venture as an interesting interdisciplinary subject. It covers many fields such as mathematics, computer science and finance, in which the mathematics and mathematical modeling are the two main aspects of the Financial Engineering. The Investment Portfolio Theory of Markowitz, the capital asset pricing model of the Sharp, Option Pricing Model of Black-Scholes and “Binomial” model of Cox can best reflect the critical position of the two subjects.

  我有幸选择了数学与应用数学这个专业,在三年和它的接触了解中,使我对数学,尤其对数学建模有了较深的理解和体会。(记得第一次去听清华大学XX系姜启源教授的讲座,他在讲座上举了一个“现实生活中的数学”例子:“1公斤面, 1公斤馅, 包100个饺子;若馅比 1公斤多, 应多包几个, 还是少包几个呢? ” 是这个生动、形象、富于生活气息的包饺子问题把我领进了数学建模的世界。)

  I am glad to choose mathematics and applied mathematics. Three years’ study had deepened my understanding of them, especially of mathematical modeling. (It still occurs to me when I went to attend the class of XX department given by Professor Jiang qiyuan in Tsinghua University for the first time. “1 kilogram of flour added with 1 kilogram of stuffing can make 100 dumplings, but what if the stuffing is more than 1 kilogram?” He used a very simple, vivid and interesting example which aroused my interest and led me into the mathematical modeling world.


  The first time I kissed the mathematical modeling was in the summer vacation of 2005, when I got a good opportunity to attend the mathematical modeling training organized by our school. Seasoned mathematics teachers told me what on earth the mathematical modeling is through some existing examples, in which the one about SARS impressed me most. In 2003, SARS broke out and shrouded rapidly to the whole world, which imperiled our economic development and people’s living. Therefore, study on its spreading regularity and building the mathematical modeling for predicting and controlling its extension had become the “Archimedes Heels” for all mathematicians… So, the Logistic regression has been carved in my memory. Two weeks’ training has presented me with a kind of passion and calm thinking much more than just those classical mathematical models. As the patron saint of our human-beings, the existence of Mathematics and mathematical modeling are maintaining our subsistence and development. Then, when SARS ran riot, when we are suffering from the pain of AIDS, what can I do as a mathematics and mathematical modeling lover who loves life so much?


  Pocketed with this passion and thinking, I tasted to use mathematical modeling into practice and solve the practical problems by attending the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest with the other two schoolmates on behalf of our college. It required us to evaluate the water quality of Changjiang River according to the data, through which we had to analyze the water pollution in every region and predict the trend of it in the future. Finally we had to bring out the plan against it. It was really a challenge for us towards flood of data and estimations as long as 17 pages. We tried almost a whole day only to filter those data and take the evaluations into comprehensive account. Pulling down various models we had built before, we were so defeated that we wanted to give up many times. However, we finally found the satisfactory model thanks to our encouragement to each other which armed us with full strength to go further.We managed to evaluate the water quality by Composite index model, which could not only represent the evaluation factors, but also reflect the main impacts of the contaminations to the water pollution. We predicted the future water pollution through multiple linear regressions fitting and brought out the plan against it by building linear optimization model. Finally, we got the second prize in Beijing for our thesis. Three days’ and nights’ modeling experience had cooled our passion and gave us even more calm thinking instead. The creation of the mathematical modeling, along with the successful solution to the problems through it lied on the solid mathematics foundation, strong modeling ability, accumulation of the knowledge on different fields, unique creative ideas and creativity.


  The experience from this contest further aroused my interest in mathematics. I began to pay more attention to its application as well as learning the theories. In addition, I tried to catch every opportunity to take part in the practical mathematical modeling. My efforts finally rewarded when I was in the first term as a junior. I had a chance to participate in the 3-day electrician mathematical modeling practice-----classifying the sports programs for a big sports meeting. Being familiar with the Graph Theory, I immediately found the way to solve the problems by seeking the best Hamilton circuit line. Facing the nearly 8.7 billion data files with different orders much more than that on the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, I spent a long time on Algorithm without any perfect result. I wasn’t defeated towards this case, but so excited instead that I could have such a chance to challenge and improve myself. Looking up dozens of files, I finally made a perfect end of the practice by using the Genetic Algorithm into full account. It needs both a successful model and an effective arithmetic to solve these problems. , which largely shortened the operation time and improved the operation result. I learnt a lot from this practice. I came to know that to build successful mathematics modeling that can effectively solve the practical problems, we must take the operation cost


  Summarizing my failures in the mathematical modeling electrician practice and proceeding from my interest in this field, I began to think of collaborating on the “Mathematical Modeling Saloon” with several students from mathematics and computer departments, taking the Computer Algorithms and mathematical modeling as the two themes of the book. Every Tuesday afternoon, we would organized those students interested in this field to study and exchange the ideas and arithmetic by imparting experience, sharing what we learnt, pondering together and discussing with each other. Both the traditional transportation & storage problems and the modern Stimulated Annealing Arithmetic (SAA), Ant Algorithm have ever been the topic of our discussion, from which I have learnt many thinking styles and methods to the problems from the students both in mathematics and computer department. So far, I am excited to see that this activity is still in the wind with more and more participants and it aroused a learning upsurge in our college.


  Recommended by my teacher, I have participated in the Teaching Reform Program of Mrs. Xing yongli----the results analysis of “Improving the mathematics teaching quality on class”. Mrs. Xing, along with some other mathematics teachers experienced the class mutual activities in 2004 to 2005 with the character data files in form of paper investigations. For this style of data files, I finally used the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a creative challenge instead of the fuzzy mathematical quantitative analysis models, which firstly knocked my mind. By quantitating data and using the AHP, I succeeded in analyzing how the overall quality of the teachers and their teaching skills work in improving the mathematics teaching quality on class, from which we got the conclusion that the teaching skills and the way to put forward questions on class play the most important role in the class mutual activities. Besides, Mrs. Xing collaborated with me on the thesis named “The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Processinto the Evaluation of Class Mutual Activities”. Both of us were satisfied with this thesis and contributed it to many presses to be published.


  Similar with the mathematical modeling, the soul of the Financial Engineering is also the creativity. Therefore, the perfect application of the mathematics and mathematical modeling into the Financial Engineering once more surged my enthusiasm in this field. Furthermore, the Financial Engineering plays the important part in people’s living, social stability and the national development, which is my original intention to choose this field I think.









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